Laura graduated Academy of Music in Cluj-Napoca, being known especially as the first vocalist in the band SENSOR, a romanian group of musicians with an amazing innovative sound. Along the years in Sensor, Laura performed in Romania and abroad as her group produced three CDs.

From 2008, Laura developed another musical project -THE NOBODIES- with a former Sensor band member, Florin Balan, an extremely talented guitarist and electronic music producer. Their first release album Far From You (offered by LAU) was launched in 2018 and it represents the fruit of their long distance musical connection.

In 2012, Laura initiated ALBA JAZZ FESTIVAL, an international jazz festival which takes place in Alba Iulia. She was the artistic director from 2012 until 2016, having the privilege of bringing on the stage of Carolina Fortress artists like: Omar Sosa, Richard Galliano, Shai Maestro, Portico, Alex Sipiagin,Lucian Ban and Mat Maneri, Sanem Kalfa and George Dumitriu, Luiza Zan, Mircea Tiberian, etc.

In July 2015, she went to Amsterdam to Keep An Eye Summer Jazz, at the Jazz Departament of the Amsterdam Conservatory, in collaboration with Manhattan School of Music from New York. She worked with teachers such as: Harmen Fraanje, Becca Stevens, Dick Oatts, John Riley, Franz Von Chossy, Jesse Van Ruler, Edo Righini, Yaniv Nachum, Avishai Cohen, Justin DiCioccio. During her stay in Amsterdam, Laura Orian wrote her first solo jazz compositions, being inspired by some different musical cultures, such as balcanic, arabic and latin music. Her compositions are gathered under the name The Road Through Mirrors.

Laura Orian



I feel what I sing. If you can identify yourself in what I create, it means I have reached my goal. Taste the music, not just listen to it. That's what it was created for.

Below you can find all the albums I've been a part of, during my career.

All around

This section is dedicated to frames from all over my artistic journey.

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